Sales Won't Save Your Business

Build Better Relationships!

 Do you want to develop a better relationship with your business, your team, your customers, and yourself all while increasing profit?

Focus on the TOP
(Team, Offer, and Process)

In Sales Won’t Save Your Business, I share the secrets to my TOP formula. I used this formula to catapult my family’s $100 million business to the next level and then launch my own successful consulting career.

Sales Won’t Save Your Business is a GPS for your organization, taking you from where you are to where you want to be. Rather than chapters, I usee “pins”—points along the journey where you need to stop and learn something.

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, salesperson, or aspiring leader, this hard-hitting, empowering book will inspire you to apply the TOP formula to your business, thereby increasing your confidence, your team’s effectiveness, your customers’ experience, and ultimately, your profit.

Super Joe Pardo

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

In these pages, you will discover how to:

  1. Empower yourself to do what is necessary 
  2. Implement change without ruffling feathers 
  3. Create strong relationships with customers and team members 
  4. Integrate technology into your business
  5. Grow your profit through training
  6. Control your customers’ perception for your benefit
  7. Create predictable and profitable processes 
  8. Lots of powerful, thought-provoking questions to help you and your team brainstorm for greatness.

About Joe Pardo

Super Joe Pardo is a New Jersey-based, sixth generation, award-winning business owner who works with businesses and owners to help them grow by focusing on their team, offer and process.


In 2014, Joe decided to leave his family’s $100 million business and pursue his dreams of starting his own business. Shortly after, Joe founded the award-winning show, "The Business Podcast featuring Super Joe Pardo". His platform is based around helping business owners pursue the business and lifestyle of their dreams.


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